How to Renovate a Home While Living in It

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Seeking alternative housing when you begin your Calgary home renovations can be costly. While living in your home when being renovated may seem inconvenient, it has some advantages and can be a working option if you don’t want to pay for housing elsewhere. Saving money and maintaining your home insurance are only some of the benefits of living in your home while renovating. Still, it would be best if you prepared yourself for what living in the midst of a renovation site might be like.

Here are tips on how to live in your home while it’s being renovated and what you might be signing up for.

Communicate with your contractor 

Having the ability to communicate with your contractor openly will give you and your family some transparency on how this process will go. Find out what each day is going to look like, what rooms they will focus on during certain hours and weeks, and ask about an estimate on when your renovations should be completed. This will allow you and your family to adjust and plan accordingly around the renovations. 

Designated areas

Amongst the commotion that will inevitably take over your home when renovating, you should allocate designated areas that are suitable to perform your daily activities. Establishing certain rooms that are not being renovated to work, play, and eat will give you a chance to live in relative peace without the perpetual presence of construction work surrounding you. This will keep you away from hazardous materials and dust particles that are bound to be present in rooms that are being renovated. 

Renovate when its warmer outside

Renovating your home during the colder months can make for a chilly period when you live in your home during the remodelling process. Even as you increase the heat in your home, it will all be for naught as the heat can easily escape any home where the exterior and pieces of the interior are being worked upon. Renovating when it is warmer will make it easier for you to leave all the noise and clutter from within your home and spend some time basking in the sun instead. Further, if your kitchen is being worked on, using your barbecue outside can be an alternative option for the time being. 


Maintaining your daily schedule while working around renovations means that it is crucial to stay organized. Keeping your delicates in labelled boxes and having a calendar set up to check what renovations are happening on what day can assist in your organization efforts. Putting together distracting games and activities to keep your mind off the renovations can sustain what normalcy you have left around such chaos happening around you.

While you may want to maintain your daily life through the use of organization, it is also important to forgive yourself for the mess and clutter caused by the renovations. Being overwhelmed is a natural part of home renovations but remember that the result will be worth this temporary stress. 

Prioritize safety 

It is most important to prioritize safety if you plan to live in your home during renovations. Combatting dust using tarps and cloth will become a much-needed safety precaution. Keep children and the elderly away from the sites being renovated for their own protection, and stay out of areas under construction yourself unless necessary. Discuss safety methods and precautions with professionals or your contractor before you begin your renovation.

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