Case Studies

The Scenario

In 2018, Troy Schaab, one of Alberta’s most beloved Radio Host celebrities, contacted Mastered to develop his basement. Troy loved our work so much that in early 2021, he reached out to us about the possibility of changing up his kitchen and dining room layout.

The Challenge

Troy and his family decided to remove the waterfall feature, repair the roof, and eliminate the partitioning wall between the kitchen and the dining room. They fell in love with the idea of creating an open concept kitchen/dining room while fully revamping the kitchen. For them, it would mean bringing the family closer together. For us, it was a chance to deliver a meaningful renovation.

The Result

We started by bringing in our interior designer to discuss options for redesigning the flow between the kitchen and dining room. We planned each step of the process before informing Troy and his family of the plans. They were ecstatic, to say the least.


In one move, the team at Mastered renovated the kitchen and dining room with new granite, cabinets and colours that matched their personalities while restoring the roof and replacing the waterfall feature.


The result is a stunningly amazing kitchen with gorgeous exteriors and interior features that represent Troy and his family’s unique tastes and personalities.