Custom Renovations in Calgary

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We Have a Masters in Custom Renovations

Live in a home that is designed and built for the most important thing: your family. At Mastered Home Renovations, we offer you the opportunity to build your family their dream home with our custom renovations in Calgary. You’ll get to customize your living spaces to suit your lifestyle, control and pick the materials and decor, and improve your quality of life while increasing your property value. With our traditional approach to customer service, you’ll get to enjoy next-level freedom, working with our master contractors. We’re ready to work side-by-side with you, so you can get the dream home you want.  


Redesign your home so that it’s timeless, not trendy. We’ll approach your renovations with an eye for the future and how it will look years from now. We’ll help you choose elements that last a lifetime.


Your personality is unique. So your home should be the same. Say goodbye to the general cookie cutter renovation; say hello to us creating and bringing to life designs that are unique to your home and personality.


Well-planned and carefully designed renovations can enhance not only the appearance of your home but its functionality. We’ll help turn your home into a traditional and practical living space that suits your lifestyle.

Get Inspired
Maximize Your Living Space
Being cramped together at home can be an unpleasant experience. But by adding depth and functionality to your home, you’ll experience more freedom and enjoyment. We’ll plan, design and create a layout that amplifies your living space.
Update to Match Your Style
Uneven decors and styles from room to room can make your home feel out of sync. Our contractors can enhance and maintain a consistent theme by upgrading your home to match your unique style.
Restore Older Homes
We have the ability to take something old and make it new! When older homes are upgraded and restored by our skilled contractors, you’ll improve your quality of life while maintaining the history of your home.
Reinvent Your Current Space
Upgrading the flow within and between rooms, enhancing the atmosphere, maximizing living spaces with unique concepts and adding a personal connection is how we’ll help you reinvent your home without extensive work.
Complete Home Renovations
Why recreate one room when you can do the lot? Complete home renovations offer you the opportunity to transform your entire home - the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and dining room - in one go, so your home connects perfectly together.
We Take Care of Our Customers

We offer a 1-year warranty on material and workmanship and a 5-year warranty on all tiling and electrical so you can have peace of mind with your renovation.

What Do You Want to Do?
Trust the Masters

Our impeccable track of quality craftsmanship and trustworthiness are why we’re recognized as the best in the business. We care about your home like it’s our own and will exceed your expectations with our timely delivery, honest communication and passionate creativity. It doesn’t matter what you need for your home; our custom home contractors can deliver it for you.

We foster open communication with clients
We are reliable, honest, & easy to talk to
We have an exceptional eye for detail
We offer a 1-year warranty on all materials & work
We are fully licensed, bonded, & insured
We partner with top industry professionals
Let's Transform Your Home
Step 1

A quick meet and greet is how we commence your project. Let’s discuss your ideas, budget and goals, so we can form the foundation that brings your vision to life.

Step 2

We’ll provide you with a quote that details everything. Our interior designer, painter, and carpenter will get a good idea of what the project will entail and the cost.

Step 3

Let’s get to work! We set the timelines, prepare the materials and get working on your project. You’ll get updates from our team, so you know what’s happening in your home.

Common Questions About Custom Renovations

The first step is to carefully plan your project, including what you want to do and how much you can spend. Take a look at our completed projects for inspiration and get ideas for how you would like to upgrade your home. Once you know what you would like, we can help streamline the renovations process by planning it out with you.

It could take several weeks to a few months, depending on the size and scale of your renovations. Once we understand your plans and ideas, we can help you narrow down a timeline to know when your home renovations will be completed.

Indeed it is! Not only can you upgrade your home to suit your new lifestyle and choose what you want, but you’ll also be increasing its value and curb appeal. Furthermore, you’ll keep the memories and character of your home and save on the hassle of moving.

Conducting research, asking friends and family and speaking to our experts can help you gauge an estimate of the cost of your project. Having a firm budget limit can help navigate and streamline your renovations going forward. We can help by providing a free quote on your custom renovations.