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Bring your entire home in line with your lifestyle with a complete home renovation. This process goes beyond the typical “one-room remodel” approach, instead focusing on renovating your home all at once, ensuring it has a consistent and cohesive design while streamlining renovations. Undertaking this project requires a leading industry expert – and this is where Mastered Home Renovations steps in. We understand the importance of detailed planning, project management, and quality craftsmanship that come with complete home renovations – and we will deliver to your exact specifications, exceeding your expectations. Elevate your entire home with our experts today.


Inspired, unique and timeless renovations are our hallmark. From traditional hardwood floors to beautiful marble countertops, we can improve the decor and value of your home while making sure it never goes out of style.


Upgrading your home with a unique furnishing and scheme won’t just improve its decor but also make it stand out from the crowd. Let us add a special touch to your home with our creative renovations.


There is nothing worse than living in a home that doesn’t cater to your lifestyle. We offer the solution by creating sumptuous spaces that are comfortable, useful and practical. Live in a home that's built for your family.

We Take Care of Our Customers

We offer a 1-year warranty on material and workmanship and a 5-year warranty on all tiling and electrical so you can have peace of mind with your renovation.

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With Mastered Home Renovations, you can expect the finest materials, the latest artistic designs, timely deliverables, detailed project management and a creativity and passion for renovation excellence. Having our team by your side means you’ll experience the joys of renovating your whole home the way you want it.

We foster open communication with clients
We are reliable, honest, & easy to talk to
We have an exceptional eye for detail
We offer a 1-year warranty on all materials & work
We are fully licensed, bonded, & insured
We partner with top industry professionals

Common Questions About Complete Home Renovations

There are a few necessary steps that you should take when planning your home renovations. Firstly, decide what you would like to renovate in your home and what is in your budget. These will provide the foundation for the rest of your project. Whether or not you have a firm idea of what you would like, or if you need advice, we are here to facilitate getting your project started.

It ultimately depends on the scale of your renovations, and most importantly, which rooms are renovated and when, such as your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. If you have enough space or the amenities to stay at home, then you should. If you don’t, and you have children or pets, it’s best to vacate the premises until the renovations are near completion.


You will not be required to get permits for all renovations, but only specific jobs. These include basement developments, secondary suites, home additions or extensions, or renovations that need structural and framing changes. As experts in all types of home renovations, we can help you apply for and obtain permits.

Let's Transform Your Home
Step 1

A quick meet and greet is how we commence your project. Let’s discuss your ideas, budget and goals, so we can form the foundation that brings your vision to life.

Step 2

We’ll provide you with a quote that details everything. Our interior designer, painter, and carpenter will get a good idea of what the project will entail and the cost.

Step 3

Let’s get to work! We set the timelines, prepare the materials and get working on your project. You’ll get updates from our team, so you know what’s happening in your home.