5 Easy Calgary Home Renovation Ideas You Should Try

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Anyone who gets into Calgary home renovations can find some appreciation in these simple ways of making your home better. Through the right level of planning, you can transform the look and feel of an entire room through a single renovation project. These custom renovations Calgary ideas cost under $500.

1. Refresh the Rooms with a New Paint Coat

You’d be surprised how you can turn a drab and washed-out room into a brilliantly colored favorite room of the home with a couple paint cans. It will cost around $150 to transform and make a paradise.

2. Add Crown Molding

Ranking at the top of the list, crown molding can be undertaken by your Calgary renovation contractor to take the stress away. You can also add this yourself, which will cost you around $120.

3. Use a Dishwasher to Save on Water

Perhaps you have an old dishwasher in the home that hogs the electric and uses tons of water. In some cases, upgrading to a newer and more energy efficient one might save you as much as $30 per year in electric and 500 gallons of water. This Calgary home renovations project will cost about $500.

4. Add Interior Shutters

Ever had the sunlight stream through the windows and blind you? You might install shades to help eliminate light coming in. It will cost you about $150.

5. New Finish on the Kitchen Cabinets

One of the awesome custom renovations in Calgary would be if you were to change the finish color on your cabinets. You could make them brighter and less gloomy. This will cost you around $200.

As you see, you have plenty of valuable renovation projects that you could undertake to improve your home. Through a Calgary renovation contractor, you can figure out the best project you want to do and possibly go through them.

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