Calgary Basement Developments: 7 Common Mistakes

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Developing your basement is a great way to increase your living space, and often increases the value of your home too. But not all basement renovation ideas are equally good. If you’re preparing for renovations, avoid these seven common Calgary basement development mistakes.

1. Lack of Lighting without a Calgary Renovation Contractor

Basements tend to be dark places that need additional lighting. Talk to your Calgary renovation contractor about installing larger windows or window wells, and include plenty of artificial light from various sources.

2. Awkward Floor Plan for Calgary Home Renovations

Various obstacles like floor drains and utilities can create oddly-shaped rooms. Avoid making things smaller to create more traditional shapes because chopping things up quickly makes the space feel claustrophobic.

3. A Noisy Hub after Basement Development

Mechanical systems are often stored in the basement, so choose materials that absorb sound to avoid creating a noisy environment during Calgary home renovations.

4. Too Specific Calgary Basement Development

Keep resale value in mind during Calgary home renovations and try to avoid making your basement something too specific. If there’s something specific you really want, talk to your Calgary renovation contractor about ideas for keeping the area flexible.

5. No Design Continuity with the Rest of the Home

Your basement should reflect a sense of continuity with the style of the rest of the home. This doesn’t mean you can’t get a little adventurous, but don’t make it feel like a completely different home.

6. Unappealing Descent to the Basement Renovation

Include the stairwell in your basement development plans and try to make it more appealing.

7. Ignoring Water During Home Renovations

Basements are more prone to water damage. It’s important to address any issues before beginning renovations and then choose materials that can handle extra dampness.

Make the most of your Calgary basement development by avoiding these common mistakes.

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