5 Kid-Friendly Basement Renovations

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Is your basement boring, dark, and unfinished? If so, it might be time to make that space inviting. But don’t waste time and money on a basement that you won’t ever use; make the most of the space by turning it into something useful and welcoming. A kid zone is sure to be appreciated if you have little ones in the house.

Check out these kid-friendly basement renovations for inspiration.

  • A Rock Wall
    Kids need plenty of areas for active play, but it’s not always practical to go outside for excursions. Bring the adventure indoors with a rock climbing wall in your home. Basement development is the perfect time to construct a climbing wall complete with plenty of soft carpeting and mats for a padded landing.
  • Stage Time
    Encourage your child’s imagination and creativity by giving them a space to perform. Set up a stage during basement renovations, and give them a trunk full of costumes and props.
  • A Mural Wall
    Ever noticed how kids love colouring on things besides paper? Give them a place with no restrictions on their creativity by designating a mural wall during
    basement development in Calgary.
  • Ball Pit
    Kids love ball pits at playgrounds, but parents often cringe at the safety and sanitation issues. Solve the dilemma by creating a giant ball pit during basement renovations. You could even add special features like a slide or a swing.
  • Campground Set Up
    Camping is a great experience, but the season is short in Calgary. Use basement development in Calgary to create your own private campground, available no matter what the weather is like! Astro turf carpet, woodland murals, log stools, and a starry ceiling go a long way toward creating an inviting campsite in your basement.

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