7 Modern Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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Updating your bathroom makes the space better for you and can also increase your home’s value. Get inspired with these seven ideas for modern bathroom renovations.

  1. Paint the Bathroom with Moody Blues
    Blue is a calming colour that is ideal for bathrooms. Have the renovator contractor in Calgary set the mood with a cool palette of blues, greys, and white.
  2. Upgrade the Shower with a Renovation Contractor in Calgary
    For an easy shower upgrade, consider replacing the showerhead during bathroom renovations. The right one gives your bathroom a spa-like feel.
  3. Let in Light
    Bathrooms often have small windows, if they have windows at all, but this room greatly benefits from natural light. A renovator contractor in Calgary can install a large window that helps open up and illuminate the space. Choosing frosted glass preserves your privacy.
  4. Go Natural during Renovations with Wood Floors
    Wood floors are typically avoided in bathrooms with good reason. However, adding an accent with wood under the tub creates a warm, natural feel. Choose rot-resistant wood or laminate flooring that mimics wood. With the latter, you can use it for the entire floor.
  5. Open the Shower with Renovations
    An open shower creates a feeling of being unencumbered, elevating your everyday experience. Your renovation contractor in Calgary can open up the shower area and make sure it won’t soak the rest of the bathroom.
  6. Try Tile Wainscoting in the Bathroom
    Tile is both functional and attractive in the bathroom. Tile wainscoting offers classic appeal while protecting the lower part of the wall from stains and scuffs.
  7. Improve the Lighting during a Bathroom Renovation
    Upgrade the lighting in the bathroom so that it’s functional and sets the mood. To best control the lighting, put the main lights on a dimmer during bathroom renovations and install additional lighting around the mirror.

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