5 Things To Add to Your Calgary Kitchen Renovation

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It’s time to get the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of! The kitchen is the most important room in the house where your family gathers, eats, talks and celebrates. Don’t forget these five fabulous additions in your next kitchen renovation.

1. Stranded Without a Kitchen Island

You don’t know what you’re missing without an island in your kitchen. An island gives you more of everything you need and want; cupboards, counter space and even an extra sink are some of the possibilities when you add an island as part of your kitchen renovation.

2. Let There Be Light

Your kitchen should be cozy and warm but also bright and spacious. Let in loads of natural sunlight when you have a Calgary kitchen renovation company install windows, skylights or sliding glass doors in your kitchen area.

3. Sizzling Style

Your kitchen should inspire you, and there are so many liberties to take when getting a home renovation company to recreate your kitchen space. Take some risks! Be colourful with the backsplash and complementary with the cupboards. Choose trendy lighting fixtures and convenient storage solutions. Your signature style should be sizzling with the perfect kitchen renovation.

4. Appliance Allowances

Home renovations can be pricey, but you do not want to take shortcuts in the kitchen. Talk to a kitchen renovation company about double ovens, vertical freezers and energy efficient options when it comes time to choose appliances for your brand new kitchen.

5. Be Floored By Your New Floor

When it comes to flooring, there are so many options. Don’t forget to choose something that is durable, comfortable and easy to clean. Talk to a Calgary home renovation company about choosing tile, hardwood, or laminate. Pro tip: you may want to match your flooring and do a kitchen and bathroom renovation together.

Budgeting for Your Kitchen Renovation

The goal is to create the kitchen of your dreams, but it’s important not to go overboard. Set a budget and decide where you want to spend and where you think you should cut back.

Once you’ve decided on everything to add to your kitchen renovation project, it’s up to you to call the perfect home renovation company to get the job done. You may even decide to have them do your basement, bathroom or office renovations.

At Mastered Home Renovations, attention to detail is our specialty. Your home renovation is sure to meet all of your functional and stylistic needs. It is our mission to turn your dream home into a reality. Contact us for a quote to get started.

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