5 Home Renovation Ideas to Try in Your Calgary Home for 2024

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In 2018, the future of home renovations look promising as a report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies out of Harvard University suggests that we could see a record number of home renovations in the coming year. This report suggests how we will most likely see a 7.7 percent increase in spending in this field by the fourth quarter of 2024. Here are some of the most popular Calgary home renovations in 2018.

1. Rejuvenate with Colour

Hands down one of the hottest trends of 2018, colour will play a big role in the coming year. We have seen years of homeowners playing it safe with neutral colors like grays and whites, but this year will see and infusion and blend of colors. In particular, greens and blues have grown in popularity.

2. Energy Efficiency

Sometimes the smallest improvements can cause the biggest ripples. One of the biggest changes we might see in 2018 is a trend toward smarter homes that have efficient doors, windows, siding and roofing. With Energy Star windows, you can save anywhere from $126 to $465.

3.  Finishes and Patterns

In the 1960s and the 1970s, we saw a lot of popularity with geometric patterns. In 2018, some of this has started to make a comeback with the chandeliers to the frames and drawers pulls. If you have hired a Calgary renovation contractor for a kitchen remodel, you may want to upgrade to vintage appliances, which have replaced the stain steel and added more color to the kitchen.

4. Hygge Design

The Danish word for “cozy,” this concept has entered the Calgary home renovations field and kept a strong momentum. In 2018, we’re likely to see an embracing of authenticity and simplicity in homes. One of the big trends this year has been to rejuvenate the style with vintage.

5. Widening Out Hallways and Doors

In particular, this has become one of the Calgary home renovations among the elderly. This has meant widening the hallways and doorways of homes because it helps to accommodate for the elderly with scooters and wheelchairs. Pocket doors have become an alternative choice for those who choose to stay at home because it takes up less room than swinging doors.

When looking to do a home renovation, you also have to look at what will be the most comfortable for you if you plan to live in it over the long term. Also, sometimes personal taste is as important as adding value to the home.

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